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Taking sales performance to the next level: The role of effective enablement and operations

Read the report by Freeform Dynamics to find out how the right sales enablement platform could benefit your business. Learn how it would fit in with your current systems and processes.

At the heart of the creation of a successful sales environment is the principle that salespeople need to be motivated and properly enabled. Sales tools like Prept join together all the dots of your company in a way that supports sales at an operational level.



In this report, published by Freeform Dynamics, you will gain:

  • An understanding of how using a sales enablement tool can drive improvement and where it fits in your business
  • An understanding of the benefits of proactive digital assistance, in contrast to the passive access afforded by CRM and analytics tools
  • A opportunity to reflect on what makes a sustainable and successful sales environment
  • Knowledge of the different problems and barriers to change, that can persist after investment in CRM or analytics tools
  • The opportunity to clarify your understanding of your business’ sales performance and identify particular issues

The selling power of conversation

The best salespeople don’t present, they converse, as human beings. Prept supports your sales team to deliver a conversational and consultative sell, fast. It puts everything they need at their fingertips, leaving them to concentrate on building a collaborative relationship with their customer.

Using Prept’s core editor to create routes through content

The structure of Prept allows your team to conduct an intuitive, human sell, free from the shackles of inflexible slide presentations and brochures. Watch the video to see how Prept’s powerful core editor enables sales people to give customers exactly what they need, there and then.


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"The trick is to approach the problem in a different way, and this begins by viewing sales activity through an operational lens"