A sat-nav for sales

A smart, multilingual, rich media conversation guide


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Your sales team and business development managers are the human connection to your customers. You want your clients to see them knowledgeable collaborators, not just salespeople. You want them out there talking to your customers as much as possible, not stuck behind a desk completing admin.

Prept empowers your sales team to be those collaborators. To react to every request from a client, no matter how unexpected. And they can do all of it right there in the sales meeting, no lengthy preparation required, no hurried scrolling through endless product catalogues.

"Investments in CRM, modelling and analytics only deal with parts of the equation. Often missing is the enablement of sales processes at an operational level."

Centralised management of all sales data and content

Complete control over your content

  • One, always up-to-date version of the product catalogue available to all staff
  • A single repository for all customer and product information
  • Integrated with your enterprise systems
  • Update details such as product specs, and every instance of that product will be updated. Complete control over crucial content and complete confidence for your sales team in the field

A multi-media, multilingual conversation aid

Reduce admin, prep time and onboarding

  • Use the unique core editor to create an optimised route through all your sales content, and then thread a non-linear, multi-media presentation of sales materials through the client conversation. Minimum of prep required
  • Deliver all your up-to-date sales materials to new members of the team. Speed up onboarding
  • Update your content across different markets and languages effortlessly. Easily adjust conversations for different markets without having to create a whole new presentation
  • Automatic generation of time-consuming deliverables such as digital sales leave-behinds and field reports

Ask Yourself

Would your sales team benefit from a guiding hand in sales meetings? One that helps them to answer questions promptly and completely, gives them a flexible route through the product catalogue and keeps them firmly in charge of the meeting?

Smart Content Navigation and Generation

A sat-nav for sales

  • Data and content in Prept is easily organised into libraries of related information
  • Pull the content into standard and bespoke templates to create flexible and polished conversation aids. No time wasted on fiddly refinements, no need for third parties to design your decks
  • Design optimised ‘routes’ through the content, to guide your sales people in the field. If they need to change direction to cater for a clients needs everything is there. No risk of them communicating old facts
  • Intelligent prompts for your staff on the most successful content
  • The flexibility to approach every client as an individual, catering exactly to their needs.
  • Generate anything the client needs on the spot. Bespoke product catalogues, sales leave-behinds, proposals, even contracts

Performance insights

Measure employee, product and product innovation performance in the field

  • Build on knowledge about your customers with every meeting
  • Retain information about the critical behaviours of the best staff
  • Get insight into the performance of the product portfolio
  • A window into sales conversations and visibility of what is actually happening out in the field in realtime
  • Track staff trends and performance

Easy and supported installation

Our team will do the heavy lifting

  • Cloud hosted – Prept software is kept constantly up to date
  • Minimal impact on your IT team – our team will help set-up Prept and make sure it is integrated perfectly with all necessary systems
  • Access a selection of standard presentation templates and get further bespoke templates designed if you need them.
  • Support and training from the Prept team to embed the platform at your organisation

Ask Yourself

Do you want to improve the quality and speedy delivery of visit reports? Do you want to ensure a faster feedback loop to management?