Connecting the right solutions

Digital improvement to help you realise your business vision

Prept Consultancy

We offer efficient digital consultancy from a team that has worked on a huge variety of projects in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. We can quickly solve a range of problems in your CRM, ERP, data management or external digital platforms, from the complex to the mildly irritating.

We do take on holistic integration projects, but our specialism is rapid delivery. So if you need something quickly, or you require a team to rescue a failing project and bring it in on time, we can help.

Our broad base of tech skills means we can plug into your digital infrastructure anywhere, identifying opportunities for improvements or troubleshooting issues, wherever they may be.

Think you might have a problem we can solve?

CRM and data management

Get the right CRM, working perfectly for you

  • CRM troubleshooting and refinement
  • Expert recommendations of the right off-the-shelf systems and customisation options for your business
  • Customisation
  • Integration into ERP set-up and digital platforms
  • Improvements to business logic and reporting methodology
  • Migration and transformation of data with no impact on the day-to-day running of your business

Platform design and deployment

Building a firm, digital foundation for success

  • Triage your digital architecture and diagnose areas for improvement
  • Recommendations for the best cloud-based and on-site software solutions
  • Creating solution roadmaps and architectures, process designs, and technical architecture
  • Project Management

System integration

Piecing together the platform jigsaw

  • Troubleshooting and solving issues in your current integration set-up
  • Direct integration between platforms, or creation of the tools to cross the gap where necessary
  • Dataflow mapping
  • Building or working with existing API’s to connect applications
  • Creating ‘mid-ware’ to connect platforms together in a way that is re-usable and flexible, allowing you to do things like change platforms, without having to entirely re-make the integration
“All good technology looks a bit magical from the users perspective”