Make every sales conversation count

Enable your teams for business growth

A smart ally for your sales team

Prept effortlessly plugs the knowledge gap between your sales people, your existing enterprise systems, and all your sales and marketing content. Accompanied by Prept, your team are supported to focus on what they do best – closing the sale.

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The Prept promise

Remove barriers to sales performance

The Prept sales enablement platform supports sales teams in the field with the combined, multi-lingual, up-to-the-minute intelligence of your whole business.

More productive sales meetings
Prept is smart. It informs your team, enabling them to respond to each customer’s unique needs with the right content and information

Quicker sales
Prept cuts down on prep time and back and forth between customer and salesperson

Better customer relationships
The structure of Prept allows your team to conduct an intuitive, human sell, free from the shackles of inflexible slide presentations and brochures. And they will be able to give customers exactly what they need, there and then, to help them confidently and quickly make an informed decision.

“At the centre of everything is the principle that salespeople need to be properly enabled as well as motivated.”

The Prept Difference

Bespoke storytelling for sales meetings

The best salespeople don’t present, they converse, as human beings. Prept supports your sales team to deliver a conversational and consultative sell, fast. It puts everything they need at their fingertips, leaving them to concentrate on building a collaborative relationship with their customer and fulfilling their needs.

They will write their own story through your sales content and access real-time data about products the customer is interested in. And they will leave behind exactly what the client needs with the ability to instantly produce bespoke presentations, proposals and contracts.

Prept’s platform architecture pulls in data from your internal enterprise systems to create sales content. The use of structured data and its multi-lingual capability mean you can update crucial details deep within multiple assets, across markets.

What does this mean for...

What this means for your business

  • Increased revenue generation
  • Reduced sales cycles and costs
  • Faster on-boarding & higher staff retention
  • Improved Sales & Marketing insight
  • Better strategic decision making
  • Tighter control and compliance

What this means for your Sales team

  • Supports and guides conversations to maximise opportunities
  • Makes client meeting preparation intuitive, fast and easy
  • Provides up-to-date, exact information – a single version of the truth
  • Makes instant connections between products and services, for easy cross-sell and up-sell
  • Integrates with other systems to provide access to all required information in one place
  • Increases the amount of available selling time

What this means for your Marketing team

  • Enables Sales teams to be more efficient and effective
  • Tracks, measures and reports on the effectiveness of processes and information assets
  • Provides client and market insights that guide Sales, Marketing and Product Development strategies
  • Reduces training costs and delivers faster on-boarding
  • Shortens sales cycles
  • Supports continuous learning and development of Sales staff